RoboRising is an FPS game made with Unreal Engine 5. This was part of my final degree project, done in collaboration with Ricard Gutierrez.

In this game you take control of a robot fighting a revolution against humans. You will fight your way through an industrial complex with plenty of corporate soldiers, using your weapons and abilites to win.

This project was our first experience with UE5.

About the game

  • Made with Unreal Engine 5.
  • The game features one level with multiple rooms, a puzzle and a boss fight.
  • The player has access to 3 weapons, an automatic rifle, a shotgun and the rocket launcher. The latter two must be unlocked by finding them in the map.
  • Movement is fast and features a double jump and dash skill.
  • Special player ability to kick an enemy and throw them far away with a force impulse.
  • AIs have a patrol state, pursuit and combat states. Made with Unreal’s AI controllers and senses.
  • 3 different enemies:
    • Basic enemy: Standard health, medium damage rifle. Can fire from a long distance.
    • Flametrhower enemy: High health, high damage, must be close to fire weapon.
    • Boss: Very high health, high damage. Switches between shotgun and guided rockets.
  • Features parkour zone with moving platforms.
  • Guns use different types of ammo.
  • Ammo and health pickups found throughout the level.
  • Story told through a narrator that commands the player.
  • Uses Lumen and Nanite.
  • All assets except music and the kick animation were obtained through the Unreal Marketplace.