Mad Hatar is a 3D game made with the Unity Engine in C#. It is inspired mainly by Mad Max and classic vehicle combat games.

To start playing you must choose between two modes, one vs all or a 2v2 with an AI partner. Once the game starts it’s an all out combat experience, you must destroy the enemy combatants before you run out of either lives or time.

You can play this game on, no download needed!

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About the game

  • Made with Unity, programmed in C#.
  • The game features 5 playable cars and 2 modes.
  • One vs All mode is about getting as many kills as possible within the time limit without losing all lives.
  • 2V2 mode has the player an and ally fighting for the win. Each AI has two respawns.
  • AIs move with a navigation system and a custom controller for the car inputs.
  • Cars are physically simulated.
  • All cars can move in all directions and have a gun mounted on top.
  • The gun functions by casting a ray forward from the center of the player camera and then checking whether it has hit an enemy vehicle.
  • Each car has different speeds and health based on the vehicle size, for example, the van is bigger and so has bigger health and lower speed than the buggy.
  • There is only one game scene that changes based on the selected mode and spawns the proper enemies and allies.
  • The number of lives the player has is represented through the fuel meter.
  • As the player loses health, the game’s colors will desaturate untill almost black and white, when health reaches zero.
  • Originally made for desktop, then adapted for a web build, reducing some light and reflection effects and removing some copyrighted material.
  • Assets were obtained for free from the Unity Store and music and sounds from open libraries.


  • You can play the game on without downloading here.
  • I have uploaded the script files on Github here.
  • To download the full project files please contact me.


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