Here you can see some of my P5.JS projects. P5.JS is a JavaScript library inspired by processing and allows you to easly make all sorts of visual projects, such as digital art, design, creativity, interaction and games or maths and data. If you are interested in projects like these, you can contact me here.


A simple game that only requires the spacebar. Once you start, you will see two shapes appear on screen, if they match you must press space, if they don’t you must wait for time to run out. Every time you make a mistake, the shapes will grow bigger and eventually they will touch, once that happens it’s game over.

This game was made using javascript with the P5.JS library and it was coded entirely by myself.

Try it here!

Mondrian Clock

With Mondrian Clock, I wanted to make an abstract clock by telling time within a Mondrian style canvas.

The top left square marks seconds, the bottom right marks minutes and both of them get filled as they reach 60 units. In the botton center square we can see the hours, and it gets filled as it gets closer to midnight. Once it reaches midnight it restarts and changes color.

This project was made using the P5.JS library and was made entirely by myself.

See it here!